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  • Our company.

    Bambu Finance is an industry leader in business financing, with a focus on providing working capital to small and medium-sized businesses. Since 2005, our goal has been to be a strong partner to the small business community. Our culture is built upon an entrepreneurial spirit and open lines of communication between our employees, management, investors, and the businesses we help. We take pride in our business accomplishments and our ability to help small and medium-sized businesses reach their full potential by securing them the capital they need to grow stronger.

  • What we do.

    Bambu Finance provides small and medium-sized businesses a strong foundation to build upon by giving them the working capital they need to grow and flourish. We specialize in offering working capital solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. This type of business financing is a convenient way for a company to use its future receivables to obtain capital now, without all the hassle of applying for a bank loan. Whether bad credit or no credit, we can find the solutions to fulfill the capital needs of almost any merchant.

  • Our company's values.

    Bambu Finance prides itself on offering competitive, straightforward financing options to our merchants. We believe small and medium-sized businesses are the heartbeat of our economy and are honored to be the chosen company for so many within a variety of industries. Our executive team continues to lead us to success by working with integrity on behalf of merchants and by always keeping the lines of communication open.

  • Why choose Bambu?

    Bambu Finance is committed to help small and medium-sized businesses grow stronger. We are an industry leader with a proven track record of providing capital at competitive rates without the hassle inherent in traditional loan programs. Our working capital solutions use a business' future credit card receivables to allow merchants to obtain cash quickly. Whether it’s to purchase inventory, invest in a new marketing strategy, or just to improve cash flow, Bambu Finance can help your business get funded in as little as 24 hours!

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